The Nurvs of Steel philosophy, in "technical" terms can be defined as something that drives the band and inspires them to do what they do.

Truly speaking, this thing can in no way be summed up in a sentence, a paragraph or even in a whole book. The philosophy is reflected in our songs. We have always been and always be against wars. People killing each other is the worst thing that can possibly happen. We are essentially going in a path that leads to our own destruction. Environmental degradation is just one of them. What people believe as their savior is actually leading to their demise. This message is what we convey in Doomsday.

Another thing is that we human beings have one life, unlike cats, that supposedly have nine. In other words, if we don't live now, we definitely won't get another chance. We live at least half our lives catering to the demands of our family. Some unlucky chaps are coaxed to do that their entire lives. People give up their dreams just so that they can keep up with their loved ones' expectations. In short, stop caring about what happens to others if you don't make sacrifices for them, because nothing will. If you don't stand up for what you believe in, you'd rather die now, because you already are dead that way.

And what do we stand for? We stand for freedom.