Jay a.k.a. Jayesh Kullu

Jay a.k.a. Jayesh Kullu

Bass guitars, Vocals

Jayesh Kullu a.k.a. Jay was born on 8th February 1990 in a heavily industrialized city Korba, India. A place where people hardly get time for themselves let alone listening to music. In school Jayesh was not into music but an athlete who won't even stay at home after school. Although as a christian by birth he occasionally enjoyed listening to Christmas songs. Going through the content of musicassette covers memorising the lyrics since age 10 just for himself. With time he started exploring the world of music hence listening to hard rock, thrash, rock n roll and heavy metal bands like iron maiden, dio, judas priest, guns n' roses, metallica. Iron maiden was and still his ideal band whom while he was a kid considered gods believing no normal human can play or compose such songs.

He got his first guitar in 2006 and so began the era of learning music with one of his friend from school helping each other learn. This was the time when he started attending college festivals, watching live shows exploring the band scene in India, which encouraged him even further. Soon he was into college himself with a sole purpose of forming a band. This was where he met Bharat, with whom he planned to form a band named Mirage. With all talk and no action yet struggling, Jay heard about two of his seniors, Devapriya Acharya and Sudipto Sarkar. Finally got a chance to meet them after a band event where they featured other band. Fixed a meeting some how which turned out to be quite an interview. So finally he discovered there were people like himself, not just with the similar taste of music but are similarly passionate about it as well. The first time Jayesh heard about Nurvs Of Steel. This was the time NOS was incomplete and still looking for a bassist and a drummer. So Jay was in and brought Bharat along with himself which was the completion of NOS hence a history in the making.


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