Back in early 2008, even before Nurvs of Steel had a name, Xtreme did a lot of soul searching, finding out what defines his future band. Metal came out to be the answer. There was a lot of learning guitar by borrowing from friends who had one. The name came up in the computer laboratory during a practical period. The first name wasn't even what it is today. k0r0pt was the first name, but that sure didn't sound cool. It later became the name of his blog. Nerves of Steel came up right after that. It sounded both gruesome and dangerous. The very name came from his tendency of not giving up. But a need in change of spelling was necessary. Hence, Nurvs of Steel. The first logo was designed and it spelled the name as Nurv5 0f 5t33l.

Xtreme searched a lot. It was hard to find someone who was interested in metal (even rock for that matter) in a place where bollywood music persisted. Those who did listen to metal didn't have the patience to learn an instrument to turn their love of metal to something bigger and better. The only thing that did matter back then was never to give up. Then one lucky day, just before the exams, he heard 5k0uz3r playing One last breath in kirfkirt's room. He knew that he was the one. After he talked to him about the band, he agreed to play after the exams were over. And thus, the first jamming session was decided.

Nurvs of Steel saw a lot of line up changes. Xtreme knew that they didn't have much time. Once college was over and they'd get a job, it would be nearly impossible for them to continue doing this, let alone even jam. 5k0uz3r, however believed in patience. At that time, he was going through a rough time and all he did was play the Sweet child o' mine solo. All day and all night. This drew him closer to rock and roll. It wasn't until next year though, that they started jamming the song together. Bullet for my valentine's All these things was their pick on every Saturday night's jamming session, which always lasted till about 7 of the next morning.

Nurvs of Steel remained a duo rather than a full fledged band for a long time to come. Stuck in a non-metal environment, Xtreme and Skouzer were the only two in the band, looking for all the right people in all the wrong places. At one point, they even posted a notice in all hostels of the college for a drummer and a bassist that would be interested in playing the likes of Iron Maiden, Metallica and Guns N Roses, although the were later later told them that people thought it was a joke. Circumstances remained against them for another year. They however never lost hope and kept writing songs which never could be completed. With Xtreme on the vocals and rhythm guitars and Skouzer on the lead guitars, they were missing the most scarce entity - the drums and percussions. In mid 2009, they came to know of a drummer. Had some sessions with him. Turned out he wasn't much into rock. Xtreme tried and made him practice some songs, although it didn't last long because of the upcoming exams. This guy was Bharat. He didn't meet the band again till the end of that year.

In August 2009, 5k0uz3r and Xtreme played with Nimbus as featuring members during the finals of Campus Jung 2009. That's where they played sweet child o' mine for the first time. They won as runner ups in that act. The next day, the Nimbus vocalist Abhishek told them of a guitarist who had met him after the show to ask if they needed a bass. They didn't and we did. Thanks to him, they fixed up a meeting with that guy. Two weeks later, they met Jay for the first time, to whom they stated their need of a serious drummer. Jay did have someone in mind.

A few days later, they introduced them to Bharat, who was then added to the line up and they officially formed Nurvs of Steel as it is today, in the beginning of November 2009. There wasn't any jamming at all till the beginning of January, when the new semester started and they had cleared the exam headaches. With hardly five days of practice, they went to IIT Kharagpur's SpringFest 2010 to do their debut with Hallowed be thy Name.