Big achievement!

Big achievement!

Posted by Sudipto Sarkar (Xtreme) on: 2015-06-12 14:43:59.0

Semester's A Curse

I don’t know whether its a Curse of the semester exams or what but i broke two strings of my two different guitars(electric bass and acoustic) also when my third guitar is out of order…

And over all these things i m also done with all my set of strings, left with none right now…….

Now i don’t have any option but to wait till my exams gets over cause i buy my set of strings from Kolkata(not available here in Raipur)……..

Man i hate this thing!!!

Posted by Jayesh Kullu (Jay) on: 2012-04-03 18:30:00.0

The Big Break

Last Seen This Month
The Last Meet Before ‘The Big Break’

We know its a bad start as the first blog post cause its about the ‘BIG BREAK‘ we are on. Its really getting hard for all the members of Nurvs Of Steel to bear the break we’ve taken for the sake of Bharat‘s and Jay‘s semester exams at college.

11th march 2012 was the last day we jammed before everyone left for their respective job place, home and college. Its just been 2 weeks now that we’ve skipped jamming together, which has also led to the delay of completion of our 3rd Original Composition as well as the launch of our EP.

Hope to get back soon to NOSville(most probably we’ll be back to our jamming session by the mid of May 2012) and complete all our pending works specially regarding EP for which we all have been waiting long.

Till then all we wanna say is

All Good For Those Who Wait!!!

Just hang on guys.

\\m// Stay Metal, Stay Nurvs Of Steel \\m//

Posted by Jayesh Kullu (Jay) on: 2012-03-25 18:30:00.0